3D Printed Orthotics

Our 3D printed orthotics can be customized with various top cover materials. The new generation of orthotics has arrived and is making a big impact with a focus on biomechanics, accuracy, and quality. By printing the orthotics, you can add a post directly to the shell making it stronger and more accurate to the mm.

If you need something that we have not mentioned, please let us know and we will do everything to accommodate your specific request.


  • High Quality- 100% Accurate & Repeatable Measurements Every Time
  • Custom Designed
  • Durable
  • Nylon 12 Material
  • Custom Thickness- Changing the rigidity while keeping the shell thin & durable
  • Biomechanics Focused On Meeting Your Exact Needs
  • Customizable to Office (Doctor name or Patient name on shell)

3D printed orthotics are sustainable and a good transition for companies looking to use environmentally friendly products.

We took the time to test each type of material to determine the strongest and most reliable type. To prevent cracking, breaking and quality sacrifices, we determined Nylon 12 was the most reliable material and will match our strict quality standards.


With the new process in creating orthotics, we can design orthotics with different rigidities throughout the orthotic. By inserting a simple design into the orthotic such as honeycomb, the depth of that design can change the rigidity on one side of the foot or throughout the whole foot. The biomechanics of the orthotic changes to accommodate shifts in the foot. Meanwhile, the thickness of the orthotic continues to stay the same, thin and durable, while changing the rigidity.

Important notice:

We cannot offer Rushes on 3D printed orthotics.

Arch fill options are replaced by rigidity options described above. Due to the new ability of additive printing, arch fills are no longer required.


For more information about our 3D printed orthotics, call (866) 710-4880 or email today!

Please note: Color options are priced differently than our standard 3D shell and are only available for children’s orthotics.