Mile High Orthotics Lab Inc. (MHOL) opened in the fall of 2007 as a company that bases its success on staying at the forefront of technology while emphasizing client and community relationships.

MHOL is a Commerce City, CO-based company that specializes in the manufacturing of custom foot orthotics. We utilize high-tech software to measure, design, and construct orthotic devices based on practitioner prescription. MHOL’s complete product line includes two different lines of custom foot orthotics, AFO’s, 3D scanners, custom shoes, prefab orthotics, and a flip flop sandal that takes a custom orthotic.

Orthotics Solutions

Our Mission

When MHOL started in 2007, we wanted to provide our clients with quality products, fast turnaround time and great customer service. MHOL has constantly been at the forefront of technological advancements in the foot orthotic field. We were the first orthotic lab in America to utilize Delcam CAD/CAM software. Asked to be on their medical board of advisers, we helped develop their new software and advance it to help orthotic labs around the world to be more efficient and produce accurate quality orthotics for the industry.


We helped develop two 3D foot scanners for the practitioner and the lab. Three years ago, we were the first lab in America to offer the 3D iPad foot scanner with the Occipital scanner to produce accurate, fast, and quality products. If you’re looking for an orthotic lab that gives you the freedom to dispense quality, accurate foot orthotics the first time, with the best service you can get, then go no farther than Mile High Orthotics Lab, Inc.