Lower Extremity Scanner “LES”

The Mile High Orthotics Lab’s Lower Extremity Scanner “LES” app transforms an iPad into a truly portable orthotic scanner able to be used without a laptop or desktop computer.

LES eliminates the time and mess with traditional plaster casting while still maintaining a high level of accuracy. With Mile High’s LES you’re able to send orders instantly, eliminating the need to ship casts or foam boxes.

With precision accuracy, the LES app can scan feet, plaster casts, and even foam impression boxes to use for fabrication of custom orthotics and custom AFOs.

MHOL developed and owns our own software, unlike our competition, this gives us the flexibility to make changes if needed.

With its small form factor this is truly the first scanner than can work almost anywhere whether it be at a nursing home or even at a marathon.

LES is compatible with iPads and available for download on the App Store.

Scanner Specification

  • Ultra-portable
  • Within +/- 1 mm accuracy
  • Captures foot, foam box impressions and casts
  • Provides a full true 3-D scan
  • No Monthly Fees
  • No Software Charges