Mile High Torch Walker

Total Contact Orthotic Restraining Custom Hybrid


  • Triple density custom insert to relieve plantar pressures and increase comfort
  • Soft foam padded collar decreases posterior proximal pressure
  • Rocker sole to ensure proper gait
  • Integrated custom molded solid AFO


  • Charcot deformities
  • Chronic plantar ulcerations
  • Non-union fractures
  • Traumatic injury
  • Partial foot amputations
  • Equinus contractures
  • Reflex sympathetic dystrophy
  • Rheumatoid arthritis


    • Total contact AFO straps allow for greater adjustability and more suspension
    • Lace, Velcro, boot hooks or any combination closure allows the patient to don and doff the AFO more easily
    • Order matching shoe for contralateral side with same heel and sole height
    • Any height
    • Base and insert reliefs
    • Anterior shell tongue
    • Amputation fillers
    • SACH heel

    Suggested Reimbursement Codes:

    • L1960-Ankle foot orthosis, posterior solid ankle, plastic, custom fabricated
    • L2330-A leather or similar material, laver molded from a model of the patient, that fits around the calf area, includes casting and the cast preparation
    • L2820-Addition to lower extremity orthosis, soft insert for molded plastic, below knee section
    • L2232-Addition to lower extremity orthosis, soft custom fabricated orthosis only
    • L2280-Addition to lower extremity, molded inner boot
    • L3020-Foot insert, removable, molded to patient model, longitudinal/ metatarsal support, each

    Please note the above codes are suggested billing codes only. Reimbursement is subject to each state and may change per Medicare guidelines. Mile High Orthotics takes no responsibility for improper billing.

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